happy easter


Happy easter weekend everyone! How will you spend your days? The weather here it’s beyond beautiful (let’s hope it’ll last for a couple of extra days) therefore for us, it’s going to be walks by the water, gelato and some rest. I just finished reading B.J. Novak’s book and currently on the hunt for the next read. I don’t particularly enjoy the process of looking for a new book , so I hope this time around it won’t take too long. Anyway, I wish you all a wonderful springy easter break! x
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knowing your city

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Every time I travel somewhere, it doesn’t matter if it’s somewhere old or new, I always picture myself living in that city. I try to figure out if I could live there or not, what I like about it and whatnot and then, of course, I compare everything to new york. The fact that I have lived in the big apple for six years may be the reason behind it. Automatically I start thinking of the things I would miss, and currently miss since I’m still in scotland. What always comes up first is knowing your city. When you live somewhere for a decent amount of time, or you knowingly decide to live in the same place you grew up in, it comes very easy to take for granted how wonderful it is to know your city. Know where to go, the shortcuts to avoid traffic during rush hour, where to get your shoes repaired and your public transport routes. I mean, it’s amazing. When you move somewhere else, well, you don’t know any of that practical stuff – let’s face it. You have to google ‘where to get an haircut in …. ‘ or ‘how do I get from point A to point B’ etc etc. Knowing brooklyn like my back pocket it’s what I miss the most every time I’m somewhere new. It’s freedom, you guys. Sure, there’s loads of pros and wonderful aspects on moving somewhere new but let’s be honest, the practicality aspect to it – sucks. Stop me, because I could keep making endless lists (rants), just like this one, on new york vs somewhere new.

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just a little update

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If you were wondering where I was, well, I wasn’t dead. I was away between london and berlin for a couple of weeks. If you follow my instagram you have probably already guessed where I have been hiding all this time, if you don’t, then – mystery solved. And of course, during those weeks, I haven’t planned any posts because, let’s be honest, that’s what real bloggers do. Instead, I spent my time with friends, taking pictures and enjoying the weather. I hope you have all been well, wherever you are! x

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current favorites : rings


When it comes down to accessorizing I go through phases: the necklace, earrings and now I’m in the ring one. Generally, not necessarily as a rule, I prefer gold over other metals. At the moment I’m all in for a minimal+chic combination of lightly hammered knuckle rings, mine are from catbird, alternated with simple bands, still catbird, and bands variations like the thick forged open ring from austin artist christine fail. I also like to throw in the mix a couple of more defined pieces like the pinna rings from tiro tiro or the porta ring (not pictured).  I always prefer local or small artists that create wonderful thoughtful pieces that feel more like precious artifacts rather than huge/no personality shops. Next up I am eyeing a couple of pieces from fay andrada and fililì by luiny. I got my rings, except the ones from catbird, from a store called anomie as I found it extremely convenient to find a bunch of different designers whom I love – all in one place. Do you have favorite designers I should look at? I’d love to find more inspiration for my little collection!

sunny skies


I have never deeply thought on the effects sun has on me. Well, honestly, who has? It’s not one of those topics that easily come up in conversations! As most of you know by now, I was born and raised in Italy, in a town just outside Rome – just to be more specific. We have always had really good weather despite being unbearably hot during the summer. It’s always (mostly) sunny, winters are not cold and it rarely snows – note that rarely means once or twice every twenty years. Now don’t take it like it’s the same all over Italy. In the north, for instance, winters are foggy and rainy with days of snow and summers are not that hot but extremely humid. When I moved to New York, I had to buy my first real winter clothing items, like a real woolrich coat and boots kind of stuff. The sun though, was pretty much existent all year long. When I came to Scotland instead, it’s when I started thinking on the effects sun has on myself. Have you ever personally thought of that? It’s something that goes beyond my control. If it’s sunny I inexplicably feel ok, my mood is automatically uplifted and I just want to do stuff. When it’s soggy and rainy I feel like, ‘meh’ – I feel like my mind has been programmed to feel that way by the place where I was raised. Is that even possible? It might. It just might. Days like this in which I elaborate these crazy thoughts, I would want to know what it would be like to live in a year-long-sunny-mild place. Somewhere like California? Would I always be cheerful, happy and creative?

makeup travel essentials


Every time I’m going somewhere, the first question that rises is what makeup/skincare I’m going to bring along. I try to lie to myself and say that I don’t need to take a lot of stuff but somehow I end up with almost everything I own. During the last couple of trips I took, luckily, I managed to find a decent amount of products that I’m really happy with (disclaimer: the image above excludes skincare items – omg). Let’s start with the base, Clarins instant smooth perfecting touch. I have never liked primers and that’s just to begin with, but I’ve managed to get everybody I personally know addicted to this stuff. Yeah,it’s addictive because, well, pores, fine lines and every imperfection you could ever think of, will get smoothed by this. It’s amazing and it doesn’t feel heavy on my skin. Next up foundation, my trusted YSL le tent touché éclat, I already wrote about it here. Nars radiant creamy concealer, you wonderful! It covers blemishes and redness like it’s nobody’s business and it’s highly moisturizing which is a huge plus for my dry skin. This eye pencil or kohl it’s from topshop in the color sable, a dark brown – it looks great both on the waterline or smudged on the lid to create a smoky look with some extra definition. I love it and I keep buying more. Eyeshadows.. I’ve just recently wrote a post on my favorite MAC ones, but when traveling I feel like a good ol’ Naked2 palette will do wonders in every circumstance. Casual coffee date? Got it! Fancy evening dinner? Got it! Mascara, I can’t live without it, this one is from Tarte and it’s a mini travel friendly version of the lights, camera, flashes. It adds volume and length wonderfully and the wand separates eyelashes really well, the only downside for me is that it’s not waterproof but I’ll take it anyways! Next up bronzer, Nars laguna – everybody and their mothers own one, at least I think. Should I add more on the subject? Maybe not. My most loved item by tarte it’s the amazonian clay 12 hour blushes, every color looks wonderful, exposed it’s the one I’ve been constantly wearing for the past year. It gives such a pretty, effortless flush and they do stick around for a very long time! Lipstick. I think that at this point everybody knows my obsession for chanel velvet allure lipsticks. I just love how matte and moisturizing they are. The one I like to carry with me when traveling it’s the number 34 la rafinee. It’s an antique pink shade that goes on wonderfully and it also looks sooo nice applied with just the finger tips to add a hint of color to your lips. Last item it’s a little cheat because I carry it everywhere I go and not only when traveling. L’occitane hand cream. It’s lightweight, non oily and moisturizing, plus, the cherry blossom one smells amazing. I hope I’ve not talked to much! Now, to the fun part, what are your make up travel essentials?

current favorites : mac eyeshadows


from top to bottom: cranberry, all that glitters, satin taupe, woodwinked

I am not an eyeshadow wearer on a daily basis, but I definitely am an eyeshadow collector. This is something that changes with the hairstyle, mood, work I am doing in that period so, for instance, last year I wouldn’t leave the house without a taupe-y brown smoky look and the year before that I wouldn’t be seen without a winged eyeliner. You get the idea. This year I’ve been wearing eyeshadow only if I’m going out, or if I am intentionally not wearing my eyeglasses.  Part of it depends on the fact that my eyelids are made of butter and no powder based eyeshadow lasts more than two hours, but also because I have still to find a primer that works for me (help me out if you know the one) . That says it all. Now, despite all of the aforementioned facts, I keep collecting them. The swatches you see are the colors I’ve been reaching the most in the last six months. Cranberry (red + copper) a color that I wouldn’t thought in a million years I’d like but it looks surprisingly well with my eye color – a mix of green and brown. All that glitters looks much more deep on the pan than it actually is applied on the eyelid. It ends up being a subtle creamy/champagney color that I use on both lid and eyebrow arch if I want a little shine, or if I’m feeling really tired and I need to look like a human. Next up, satin taupe. To me this it’s definitely an evening-only shade because it’s a very deep and pigmented color that I can’t possibly wear during the day without feeling too done up – if you know what I’m talking about. And last, but not least, woodwinked. This little guy here became a love of mine. It’s a color that can work on it’s own and it gives a wonderful smoky effect without having to add in a darker color. All of the above colors also look wonderful together as a combo. Yes, I just said that. Woodwinked on the eyelid, all that glitters on the arch and inner corner, cranberry to smoke it out and a subtle touch of satin taupe on the crease.

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