changes : conversations over tulips

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I promised I’ll stop counting the times I have already said ‘sorry for my absence’ over here, still, I hope you’ll allow me to say it one last time! Sorry. Alright, said it, now let’s move on. Lately I have been all over the place, almost literally, I keep making plans of replying to emails, write blog posts and update my website – almost every day. What happens at the end of these said days? The to do lists keep piling up.. no kidding! I have been back in Scotland for the last two weeks now, the weather has been absolutely beautiful and the longer days are lightening our moods. If you haven’t seen it on instagram already, I have cut my hair, short, AGAIN. Another bob, let’s see how long will I survive with the maintenance schedule. I’ve had already to cut it twice in the past two months. ouch! Other than that, life is pretty crazy at the moment, a lot is happening and I need to keep my mind spinning levels at bay. Let’s embrace the change, shall we?

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happy easter


Happy easter weekend everyone! How will you spend your days? The weather here it’s beyond beautiful (let’s hope it’ll last for a couple of extra days) therefore for us, it’s going to be walks by the water, gelato and some rest. I just finished reading B.J. Novak’s book and currently on the hunt for the next read. I don’t particularly enjoy the process of looking for a new book , so I hope this time around it won’t take too long. Anyway, I wish you all a wonderful springy easter break! x
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knowing your city

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Every time I travel somewhere, it doesn’t matter if it’s somewhere old or new, I always picture myself living in that city. I try to figure out if I could live there or not, what I like about it and whatnot and then, of course, I compare everything to new york. The fact that I have lived in the big apple for six years may be the reason behind it. Automatically I start thinking of the things I would miss, and currently miss since I’m still in scotland. What always comes up first is knowing your city. When you live somewhere for a decent amount of time, or you knowingly decide to live in the same place you grew up in, it comes very easy to take for granted how wonderful it is to know your city. Know where to go, the shortcuts to avoid traffic during rush hour, where to get your shoes repaired and your public transport routes. I mean, it’s amazing. When you move somewhere else, well, you don’t know any of that practical stuff – let’s face it. You have to google ‘where to get an haircut in …. ‘ or ‘how do I get from point A to point B’ etc etc. Knowing brooklyn like my back pocket it’s what I miss the most every time I’m somewhere new. It’s freedom, you guys. Sure, there’s loads of pros and wonderful aspects on moving somewhere new but let’s be honest, the practicality aspect to it – sucks. Stop me, because I could keep making endless lists (rants), just like this one, on new york vs somewhere new.

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just a little update

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If you were wondering where I was, well, I wasn’t dead. I was away between london and berlin for a couple of weeks. If you follow my instagram you have probably already guessed where I have been hiding all this time, if you don’t, then – mystery solved. And of course, during those weeks, I haven’t planned any posts because, let’s be honest, that’s what real bloggers do. Instead, I spent my time with friends, taking pictures and enjoying the weather. I hope you have all been well, wherever you are! x

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current favorites : rings


When it comes down to accessorizing I go through phases: the necklace, earrings and now I’m in the ring one. Generally, not necessarily as a rule, I prefer gold over other metals. At the moment I’m all in for a minimal+chic combination of lightly hammered knuckle rings, mine are from catbird, alternated with simple bands, still catbird, and bands variations like the thick forged open ring from austin artist christine fail. I also like to throw in the mix a couple of more defined pieces like the pinna rings from tiro tiro or the porta ring (not pictured).  I always prefer local or small artists that create wonderful thoughtful pieces that feel more like precious artifacts rather than huge/no personality shops. Next up I am eyeing a couple of pieces from fay andrada and fililì by luiny. I got my rings, except the ones from catbird, from a store called anomie as I found it extremely convenient to find a bunch of different designers whom I love – all in one place. Do you have favorite designers I should look at? I’d love to find more inspiration for my little collection!

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